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Indoor and outdoor use

Our products can be used in wet areas which are exposed to frost, as well as in kitchens, bathrooms, terraces and as indoor covering. Our unique cement tiles comply with EU standards related to external use, which are more stringent than those related to the internal use, as well as the corresponding Hungarian standards.

Use in wet areas

Our encaustic cement tiles are weather resistant according to the extent of the standard related to external use. On the other hand, it is recommended to seal the encaustic cement tiles in wet areas during installation. If you would like we are happy to recommend a sealer during purchasing.

Using handmade cement tiles over under floor heating

Yes, cement tiles can be installed in rooms with under floor heating. The 16 mm tiles warm up, while they cool down slowly.

Cement tile sizes

The width and length of the cement tiles are 200x200mm. The thickness of the handmade cement tiles is 16 mm, which means that they are thicker than most commercially available tiles.


The governing European warranty terms and conditions are applicable to our tiles. Some of those old mosaic tiles, which were installed in tenement houses of Budapest, are more than one hundred years old, while their patterns are still beautiful and they function as they should. We ensure 100-150 year lifespan in case of professional installation and proper use.

Cement tile prices

Encaustic cement tiles can be purchased from couple of EUR via online community markets. In addition, some cement tile companies sell tiles with cement tile pattern for 30-50 EUR per square meter. So what is difference between them?

Mostly old and used encaustic cement tile pieces can be purchased for couple of EUR via online community markets. These are genuine cement tiles with 16-18-20 mm thickness. The patterned and pigmented surface layer of these tiles is 4-6 mm thick which had lost their original appearance and had become worn-out and shiny. If you find tiles which look like this, you can be quite sure that you have purchased genuine handcrafted cement tiles.

You can also find tiles with cement tile pattern for 30-50 EUR per square meter. These are mostly white painted ceramic tiles, which are 6-8 mm thick. We might say about these tiles that they look like, with slight exaggeration, as if the pattern was made by a liquid inkjet printer and then burnt which means that the thickness of the pattern is measured in fraction of millimeter. The durability of these tiles and wear resistance of the pattern are far away from the 100-150 year lifespan of the handcrafted cement tile. Of course, the price of these tiles differs from the price of the genuine tiles.

The patterned and pigmented surface layer of the decorative cement tiles is manually pressed, made from powdered marble and coloured in its material. As a result of this technique, the colour of these tiles still remains the same, even though they are used for 5-10-100 years. These finest cement tiles are made one-by-one in our manufactory. Therefore the manufacturing of encaustic cement tiles is a manual labour intensive process. That is the reason why the cost of these cement tiles per square meter is at least 60-100 EUR.

If we have been able to convince you to purchase encaustic cement tiles, we must admit that you will find a wide range of prices when you will search for cement tiles. Cement tiles, terrazzo tiles – shall comply with every clause of European standards related to internal (EN 13748-1:2004) and external (EN 13748-2:2004) use. The standards are applicable to/include the width, length, thickness of the tiles as well as to the braking strength, abrasion, weather resistance and non-slip on wet surface. If you choose a tile which is recommended for indoor use, it is most likely to be cheaper than those tiles which can be used both indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, it is worth asking the cement tile company which tiles they recommend to buy which are easy to cut and do not crumble (etc.) because these factors also have an impact on the price.

Minimum order quantity

In case of ordering in-stock encaustic cement tile the minimum quantity of the order is one box, which contains 15 tiles, equals to 0.6 m2. The minimum manufacturing quantity order is 4 boxes, in case of ordering patterns and colours which are in our collection.

How to order

You can ask for a proposal via our web site or at our showroom.

Required advance payment

Orders will be active by the time you have paid the advance payment which is the 50% of the purchase price.

Alternatives of payment

We accept transfer payments or you may pay on the spot in cash during the advance payment or on delivery.


Orders are confirmed within one work day.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)


The General Terms and Conditions contains the legal conditions of the order issued for cement tiles/mosaic tiles/terrazzo tiles manufactured and distributed by IAMART Kft. (registered company seat: 1137,Budapest, Pozsonyi út 22. 5/3, tax identification number: 13417741-2-41), hereinafter referred to as the Seller.

By the confirmation of the Offer issued by the Seller, you accept the General Terms and Conditions hereunder. Sales Agreement agreed and executed in a distinct legal document by and between the Parties, concerning the manufacturing and distribution of cement tiles/mosaic tiles/terrazzo tiles, hereinafter referred to as Product(s), or the Offer, concerning the manufacturing and distribution of cement tiles/mosaic tiles/terrazzo tiles, hereinafter referred to as the Offer, issued by the Seller and confirmed by the Buyer in writing, or the written confirmation of the Order, concerning the manufacturing and distribution of the Product(s), hereinafter referred to as the Order, confirmed by the Seller and issued by the Buyer in writing are deemed to be the Sales Agreement under the GTC agreed and executed by and between the Parties.

Identification of the Parties hereto

The Sales Agreement is agreed and executed by and between the IAMART Kft., the company, as the Seller and the Customer as the Buyer.

Those data of you or your company, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, are required which allow identification, communication between the Parties and issuing of invoice, in order to confirm the Order. The Seller will not accept incomplete, false, misrepresented or inaccurate data, and the Seller is entitled to reject the Order in this case. In case the registered data are misrepresented or are in conflict with any of the clauses of the GTC, the Seller is entitled to reject or cancel retro effectively the Order without any reason. The Seller reserves the right to check the correctness of the registered data.


The price indicated on the product datasheet is the gross (net price+VAT) offer price of the product. The offer price is applicable when given, and will become binding if the Buyer will complete the steps of the order process duly and will confirm the order. The Seller informs the Buyer about the price changes via phone and email in the period between order and delivery. The Buyer is not bound to accept the price change in this case and may waive his intent of purchase.

In case any Order or Orders will be modified or aggregated for any reason, those payment and delivery conditions are applicable which were valid when the Order was modified. The Buyer reserves the right to change the price without any reason.


The pattern, the colour and any characteristics related to the appearance of the Products; the number of the ordered items, listed by colours and patterns; the other services provided by the Seller; the fees of the Seller and the price of Product manufactured by the Seller and the charges of other related services such as the charge of the designing; the method and the date and time of the delivery; the place of delivery as well as the provisions which are not covered by or not in line with the GTC hereunder will be specified in the Sales Agreement by the Parties. In case the specific conditions and terms of the GTC hereunder and the Sales Agreement are not in line with each other, the specific conditions and terms of the Sales Agreement shall be applicable as the part of the agreement.

Payment and waiver

The methods of payment: bank transfer (in advance), credit card payment on delivery in Budapest.

The agreed payment of the price of the Products is part of the Sales Agreement. In case the Buyer pays by bank transfer, the payment is considered to be complete when the transfer payment arrives on the account of the Seller. The Seller is entitled to ask for advance payment from the Buyer, in accordance with the Sales Agreement, before beginning the manufacturing of the Products. This advance payment, made by the Buyer, is the subject matter of the Sales Agreement and the prerequisite of beginning the product manufacturing. Therefore, the failure of the advance payment excludes the Seller from delay.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the completion of the Order, any time before the payment of the purchase price, without any reason. In case the Seller cancels the completion of the Order and previously received the advance payment from the Buyer, the Buyer is entitled to claim the refund for the payment made in advance.


The Buyer shall examine the quality of the ordered Products when it is handed over and the Seller should be informed about any eventual defects. The Seller is bound to repair the defects or replace the defective product.

The performance certificate, made by the Seller and signed by the Buyer, certifies that the date and time of the delivery, the quantity and the condition of the Products manufactured by the Seller are in line with the agreement at the time of the handover. The Parties, at the time of formulating this clause, were aware of the circumstance that once the performance certificate was signed by the Buyer, the Buyer shall not lodge a claim later, either qualitative or quantitative, about the items listed in the performance certificate concerning the date and time of the handover. The performance certificate shall include the exact name, quantity of the delivered Products as well as the exact date and time of the handover.

In case the Buyer lodges a claim, either qualitative or quantitative, during the handover, the Parties are bound to make notes about any remark made or claim lodged by the Buyer, as well as sign the performance certificate.

The obligations of the Buyer/the Seller

The Seller is not liable, after the handover of the Products, for non professional installation of the Products as well as any defects arising during sealing which are not in line with user guide.

The Seller is bound to do every reasonable effort in order to repair or have repaired the defects of the delivered Products after handover, in case they can be repaired, arising during proper use. Defects and damage arising during non proper use shall not be repaired by the Seller but the Seller shall contribute to the repairing within its power.

The Parties set 20% late payment interest per year in case of late performance of the payment obligation under the Sales Agreement. In case the late payment is performed by the Buyer who is not a private entity, the Buyer shall pay a lump sum collection fee in line with the paragraph of 6:155 § (2) Act No. V of 2013, Civil Code. Performing of this obligation does not absolve from liability of other delays.

The Seller is not liable for unforeseeable damage, the damage can not be averted with human effort or any non wrongful damage (act of God). The mentioned limitations of liabilities include every claim for damages and compensation claim. The mentioned limitations of liabilities shall be applicable to every colleagues of the Seller and to other third party on behalf of the Seller. In case the Buyer or the third party on behalf of the Buyer delivers the products, the Seller is not liable for damage arising from the delivery.

The Buyer acknowledges that by confirming the Order(s), the Buyer accepts the agreement hereunder and in case of non-observance of the clauses under this agreement the Buyer commits breach of the agreement, for which the Buyer shall be liable.

The Buyer agrees to ensure the handover and payment of the Product(s) ordered and confirmed by the Buyer in line with the methods of payment of GTC hereunder. In case the Product is received by the Buyer outside the site of the Seller and the delivery of the package fails which results from the fault of the Buyer, the arising extra costs shall be paid for the Seller by the Buyer. In this case, the Seller shall issue an invoice about the price of the extra cost.


The Seller shall not be liable for any misspelling or misprint on the website. The Seller reserves the right towards Users to close or suspend the service and the content for any reason without any prior notification. Furthermore, the Seller reserves the right to make changes, cancel the service and content in full or part. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage caused to visitors or users of the website, arising from either the suspension or full closure of the service or any changes of the contents, in full or part, even if made without prior notification.

The Seller provides access and licence of use for the online cement tile design tool for free of charge for the Buyer on condition that the colour design and the combination of the colours shall not be considered to be the intellectual property of the Buyer. Therefore the Buyer shall not lodge a claim either for royalty or any other financial type towards the Seller or any other third party after having used the mentioned combination of colours. The Buyer is exclusively entitled to use the online cement tile design tool in case the Buyer expressly accepts and acknowledges the above stated. For that reason, it is deemed by the Parties that the Buyer had expressly accepted and acknowledged the clause hereunder by using the online cement tile design tool.

The validity of the agreement

The Sales Agreement is effective from the confirmation of the Order and closes when the Order is executed. In case of ongoing orders, the agreement remains binding until any claims vis á vis each other are met.

Final provisions

The present Sales Agreement will be governed by the laws of Hungary. The Act No. V of 2013, Civil Code and other relevant Hungarian legal provisions shall be applicable to issues not otherwise regulated by the Sales Agreement. Any dispute arising from the Sales Agreement shall be settled primarily by negotiations between the Parties. In case no solution is reached through negotiations, the Parties agree to the Hungarian court and the exclusive authority of the Central District Court of Buda, depending on the nature of the case, as the competent jurisdiction to settle the dispute.